60,000+ Display Network Exclusion List [Updated 2022]

30,000+ exclusions for low-converting / spam websites.

30,000+ mobile app exclusions for junk & fraudulent apps.

3,000,000+ low quality YouTube videos

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What is in the Ultimate Display Exclusion List?

30,000+ Placements

Discover over 30,000 website placements on the Google Display network that have a higher than average rate of invalid traffic.

30,000+ Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are known for driving poor quality traffic. Ensure you're only advertising on high-converting apps.

3,000,000+ Videos

Over 3,000,000 videos across 7,000+ channels, covering over 3 TRILLION ad impressions, all with easily filterable data.

We help 6,000+ marketing teams advertise with confidence

Stop Ad Fraud on Every Platform.

More revenue for less budget. Start protecting your acquisition channels in just a few clicks.

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