Exclude Bot Traffic From Your Campaigns

Advertise to real buyers, not bots. Save up to 25% in wasted ad spend by eliminating invalid traffic.

Trusted by 6,000+ performance-driven marketing teams globally

Protect Your Marketing Funnel From Bots

47% of all internet activity is bot traffic. Protect your revenue from fake clicks and dead-end leads.

Protect All Your Paid Media Channels

From Google to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many, many more. We’ve got it covered.​ Invalid audiences from one platform can be applied to all ad platforms in a few clicks.

Exclude All Bot Traffic

Ensure you only pay for clicks that have a high probability to convert, excluding traffic that we know to be fraudulent or invalid.

Advertise To Humans

Our machine learning technology identifies behavioral signals to detect even the most sophisticated bot traffic. No matter how it hides, a bot will always be a bot.

Create Exclusion Audiences Automatically

Generate dynamic advertising audiences made up of fake users and invalid traffic to exclude across all paid media channels.

Gain insights into what those audiences look like, their demographics and even interests!

We increased conversion rates by 2.2x by using Lunio across our campaigns.

Anton Borodatov | Digital Marketing Specialist, Turners Group

Top Marketing Teams Rely on Lunio to Advertise With Confidence

Centralized Protection

Traffic analysis from one channel can be applied to all, providing a robust layer of ad protection that continuously learns.

Fuel Smart Campaigns

Analyze traffic behavior to all your Smart campaigns and feed this back into those campaigns for further optimization.

Quick Integration

4 minutes is all it takes to get started with Lunio. Deploy one script via your tag manager of choice and you’re good to go.

Full Data Transparency

All click activity from every ad channel is stored as first-party data, together with their threat level, to provide a lake of data to use for further analysis if needed.

Dedicated Support

We provide every client with a dedicated and friendly Success Manager, who has expertise in the best practices of PPC, as well as our platform.

Privacy at Our Core

The platform was built with data privacy in mind. Fully GDPR compliant, we don’t use third-party cookies, and all data is fully encrypted.

#1 Rated Click Fraud Software For Marketers

Based on the numbers, I don’t see how using Lunio couldn’t be good value. The fee is so modest compared to what you could be saving.
Tom Pickard
Performance Marketing Manager
Implementing Lunio was super easy. The onboarding from the team was great, and we saw the difference in the numbers straight away. Lunio is a no-brainer for Volotea!
Silvia Vallespinós
Online Marketing Director
We spent hours optimizing our ads account and believed it was running with little fraud. For Lunio to show us how much of our ad spend was being wasted on invalid traffic was staggering.
Matthew Erskine
Digital Marketing Manager
The payoff for the ease of setup is a huge value. 15 minutes out of your day and your accounts can save a small % of their ad spend.
Steven Mills
Senior PPC Manager

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