The Road to Efficiency: Start by Eliminating What Doesn’t Work

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Fiona Bradley

Founder of
FB Comms

Fiona was named Social Media Business Woman of The Year 2023, and has worked on campaigns for Coca-Cola, the NHS, Rolex and many more. A committee member for the After Work Club and Guest Lecturer at Durham University, she has a proven track record of delivering outstanding campaign results

Always experiment with products. Sometimes people just won’t care much about a specific product on a specific platform, no matter how good your ad is. If things aren’t working out, switch off the campaign and test the product on a different platform.

Fiona Bradley

Founder of AdConversion

Silvio founded AdConversion, a digital advertising academy, to teach B2B marketers how to scale paid ads for free, regardless of skill level.

Personalised creative for one-to-one ABM campaigns will lift your click through rate significantly, transforming these placements into very cost effective inventory.

What's In The Guide?

  • Get clear on your goals, targets and KPIs
  • Invest in your own assets
  • Exclude Branded Search
  • Combining first-party data
  • Using ChatGPT
    and much, much more!

Join 10,000+ top performance marketers using Lunio to advertise with confidence

Join 10,000+ top performance marketers using Lunio to advertise with confidence​

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