The Road to Efficiency: Start by Eliminating What Doesn’t Work

Use this guide to build, optimise, and scale highly-profitable Performance Max campaigns – with exclusive tips from Miles McNair.

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Miles McNair

Founder of PPC Mastery

Miles has worked with 100+ ecom brands and profitably spent >€50M on Google Ads. Unlike agency owners or ‘gurus’, he actually manages Google Ads campaigns every single day. Everything he teaches is based on real, practical experience.

Make sure your product is always very central in any images you’re using to avoid display issues. And don’t forget to optimise everything for mobile too, as sometimes that goes overlooked.

Miles McNair

Founder of AdConversion

Silvio founded AdConversion, a digital advertising academy, to teach B2B marketers how to scale paid ads for free, regardless of skill level.

Personalised creative for one-to-one ABM campaigns will lift your click through rate significantly, transforming these placements into very cost effective inventory.

What's In The Guide?

  • Get clear on your goals, targets and KPIs
  • Invest in your own assets
  • Exclude Branded Search
  • Combining first-party data
  • Using ChatGPT
    and much, much more!

Join 10,000+ top performance marketers using Lunio to advertise with confidence

Join 10,000+ top performance marketers using Lunio to advertise with confidence​

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