40,000+ Performance Max Junk Placement Exclusion List

20,000+ Poor Performing Placements

10,000+ Made-For-Advertising (MFA) Websites

10,000+ Brand Unsafe Placements

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What’s in the PMax Junk Placement Exclusion List?

Poor ROAS Placements

Discover 20,000+ website placements where the ROAS and CPA is at least 10x worse than the campaign average, with high rates of invalid traffic.

MFA Inventory

10,000+ Made-For-Advertising websites which benefit publishers at the expense of advertisers by generating high volumes of low-intent ad clicks.

Brand Unsafe Sites

10,000+ placements where you definitely DON'T want your ads to appear due to illegal, offensive, and dangerous content.

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Exclude Invalid PMax Traffic With Lunio

Protect your budget and improve campaign data hygiene. By leveraging Google’s account-level IP exclusions feature alongside audience exclusions, Lunio offers the most advanced protection on the market against invalid PMax traffic.


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